When Everything Goes Wrong....


In times of pain
When everything ends in vain,
When all dreams seem washed in rain,
Just count what will remain
And believe there is lot to gain.

When loneliness haunts you,
When whole world seems hostile,
Just close your eyes and believe,
There will be someone,
For whom you will be the world.

If bitter words haunt you,
And terrible scorns hurt you,
Just believe in yourself and smile,
For belief is one virtue,
That surely leads to zenith.

Its a whole new day.

On a sunny morning,
I opened my eyes,
To see the word filled with life.
All shadows of past glided away,
And glow of future mentored the way.

There were days when skies were dark,
There were days when joy seemed afar.
But the secret of life,
Has given a whole new life,
The one life to be loved unfathomed.

Everyday is now a clear sky,
With no stains from past,
With colorful dreams on mast.
Its really a whole new day,
Like a life on a sunny bay.

Its the secret of joy,
That gave me true joy.
Love your life,
Love the world,
It'll then be a whole new world.