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Get selected checkbox value using jquery

In this article I will explain how to check uncheck all (select unselect all) CheckBoxes using jQuery.
The check uncheck all functionality will be done using an additional CheckBox that will act as Check All CheckBox. 

Once you double click on the file which has the same code as above, you will see the result as below:


How to clear textarea's default text

Often there may be requirements that a html form with a textarea containing a default text clears automatically when someone selects/clicks on the textarea.
This is achieved as below.

Logout Script in Orkut Scrapbook

Well here is a small trick i used to tease few of my friends..

Copy the HTML Code below and paste it in your friends scrapbook.

Now each time some one including your friends visits that scrapbook he would automatically log out of Orkut.

Well here is the procedure to be safe from this trick

How to Avoid this scrap

if you want to avoid being logged off again when you see the scrap, you can block flash in your browser.
For firefox, download the following plugin :
In opera, you can disable the flash plugin.

How to delete this scrap

To delete the scrap with the logout script, first open your scrapbook(where the logout script is there), open any page(except the scrapbook) in a new window(don't close your scrapbook window).

When you open the new page of orkut, it'll ask you to log in. Enter your details and login to orkut. After login, go to your scrapbook page(which you had kept open), and delete the scrap which was causing the logout to occur.

see simple... :)
Hope you like this..
and leave your comments about this little trick..